Course Description

Unlock the Power of Purposeful Parenting: Foundations of Effective Parenting Online Class

Hey there, Parenting Heroes!

Are you tired of feeling like you're just winging it when it comes to raising your kids? Wish you had a reliable roadmap to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with confidence and grace?

Well, guess what? You're in luck!

Introducing the "Foundations of Effective Parenting" Online Class – your ultimate guide to becoming the parent your kids deserve!

Led by certified parenting coach, Emily Scott, PhD, this foundational class is packed with practical strategies, actionable insights, and real-life examples to help you build a rock-solid foundation for your parenting journey.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover in this life-changing class:

  • Effective Communication Skills: Learn how to connect with your kids on a deeper level, foster open dialogue, active listening, and build trust-based relationships that lasts.

  • Positive Discipline Techniques: Say goodbye to yelling and power struggles! Discover positive yet effective strategies that promote cooperation, responsibility, and mutual respect.

  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Equip your kids with the essential emotional management skills they need to navigate their emotions, build resilience, and create healthy relationships.

  • Confidence-Boosting Parenting Foundation: From setting boundaries to managing chores and homework, uncover practical tips and tricks to tackle everyday parenting challenges.


Emily Scott, PhD

My mission is to provide a nurturing space where parents can find the support, encouragement, and empowerment they need to navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of parenting. Together, let's embrace the overwhelming, yet incredibly rewarding adventure of parenthood. Having earned a PhD in Education Leadership 2015, my passion for understanding the complexities of childhood development led me to pursue additional graduate studies in Early Childhood Education and Childhood Development, as well as a Certificate in Child Psychology, Trauma Informed Care for Coaches, and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Driven by a desire to offer tangible support to fellow parents, I became a Certified Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting. Additionally, in order to provide the best learning experience for parents, I also am a Certified Life Coach.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome and Meet Your Instructor

  • 2

    Module 1: Parenting Plan & Introduction

    • Introduction & Reflection

    • Introduction 1 Course Plan, Taking a Parenting Class, Parenting Goals

    • Introduction 2 Parenting Plan

    • Introduction 3 Self Care, Nervous System, Parental Guilt, Parental Agenda

  • 3

    Module 2: Purposeful Parenting

    • Being a Purposeful Parent

    • Purposeful Parenting Growth Work

    • Purposeful Parenting 1 Parenting with Purpose, Today's Struggles, Viewpoint, Gratitude

    • Purposeful Parenting 2 Relationship, Attachment, Love Tanks

    • Purposeful Parenting 3 Empathy

    • Purposeful Parenting 3 Empathy Additional Resources

    • Purposeful Parenting 4 Character, Manners, Praise, Labels, Affection

    • Purposeful Parenting 5 Communication, Recollecting, Parental Involvement, Dads, Modeling

  • 4

    Module 3: Understanding Age

    • Understanding Age

    • Age Development Growth Work

    • Age Development 1 Why This Matters, Equilibrium & Disequilibrium, Personality & Temperament

    • Age Development 2 Infants, Toddlers, Early Childhood

  • 5

    Module 4: Understanding Brain Development

    • Brain Health and Development

    • Brain Health and Development Growth Work

    • Brain 1 Nature versus Nurture, Left and Right Brain, Upper and Lower Brain

    • Brain 2 Infants, Toddlers, Childhood, and Teens

    • Brain 3 Mirror Neurons, Executive Functioning, Trauma, Resilience,

    • Brain 4 Growth Mindset and Mental Health

  • 6

    Module 5: Emotional Health

    • Emotional Health

    • Emotional Health Growth Work

    • Emotional Tools

    • Emotional Wellness 1 What is Emotional Intelligence, Emotion Dismissing & Coaching

    • Emotional Wellness Teaching Emotional Intelligence

    • Emotional Wellness Impact of Emotion Coaching, Stages of Emotional Intelligence, Reflections of Reality, Managing Your Own Emotions

    • Emotional Wellness Uncomfortable Emotions

    • Emotional Wellness Tools for Kids and Key Takeaways

  • 7

    Module 6: Responsibility & Life Skills

    • Responsibility and Life Skills

    • Responsibility and Life Skills Growth Work

    • Responsibility 1 The Importance of Play and Learning at Home

    • Responsibility 2 Life Skills, Scaffolding, and Positive Reinforcement

    • Responsibility 3 Allowing Struggles

    • Responsibility 4 Self Control, Entitlement

    • Responsibility 5 Chores and Family Contributions

    • Responsibility 6 Homework

    • Responsibility 7 How to Instill Responsibility

  • 8

    Module 7: Discipline

    • Discipline = Guidance

    • Discipline Growth Work and Reflection

    • Discipline 1 Punishment versus Discipline

    • Discipline 2 Learning to Break the Punishment Cycle, Renew Your Thoughts, Mutual Respect

    • Discipline 3 Practical Application, When Problems Continue, Consequences, Empathy, Flexibility

    • Discipline 4 Key Points, Boundaries

    • Discipline 5 Preventative Parenting

    • Discipline 6 Internal Motivation

    • Discipline 7 Behavior Mangement Techniques, Dealing with Problems, Parental Awareness

    • Discipline 8 Permissive, Authoritarian, Authoritative Parenting

  • 9

    Module 8: Conclusion

    • Conclusion & Reflection

    • Bonus: Communication Guides

    • Bonus: Conversation Starters, Relationship Builders, Planners, Quick Parenting Challenges

    • Conclusion